So after three days of shooting and long nights of editing Tim and me (aka Owlographics) finally finished the first Music Video for Max Liese. It was a fun and intense shooting with Nana, Charly and Qudus! Thanks to all who made it possible to realize this huge project :)

Additional Behind The Scenes Pics after the click :)

So this is one is pretty neat.

If your Mac is far away(or you are lying in your bed) and you want to restart your Mac, you can just sudo shutdown -r now.

But what if your Mac is FileVault 2 protected and encrypted? Who is typing the password for you into the keyboard? The answer? Just use sudo fdesetup authrestart and you are good to go!

Moderat, the electronic music group from Berlin released a new single called Bad Kingdom.
It features hand-drawn imagery which tells a story of corruption and greed.

I guess it's a promo for their upcoming new album "Moderat II", which will be released August 2013. Awesome Song :)