So after three days of shooting and long nights of editing Tim and me (aka Owlographics) finally finished the first Music Video for Max Liese. It was a fun and intense shooting with Nana, Charly and Qudus! Thanks to all who made it possible to realize this huge project :)

Additional Behind The Scenes Pics after the click :)

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So this is one is pretty neat.

If your Mac is far away(or you are lying in your bed) and you want to restart your Mac, you can just sudo shutdown -r now. </p>

But what if your Mac is FileVault 2 protected and encrypted? Who is typing the password for you into the keyboard? The answer? Just use sudo fdesetup authrestart and you are good to go!

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Moderat, the electronic music group from Berlin released a new single called Bad Kingdom.
It features hand-drawn imagery which tells a story of corruption and greed.

I guess it's a promo for their upcoming new album "Moderat II", which will be released August 2013. Awesome Song :)